What Others Say

What Others Say

Ann’s songs touched my heart in a mighty way.  They were comforting and inspiring.  She sings from the heart.  You can just feel the sincerity in her voice.  Her presentation was excellent.

Betty Kelly, Chapel Coordinator
Lifeway Distribution Center
Lebanon, TN


“Ann has performed at our worship services and also for our women’s retreats.  Her music is special because it relates to the life stories of so many in her audiences.  Each of her songs tells a story and leaves you with a “life lesson.”  She takes the everyday experiences and turns them into teaching opportunities.  Ann sings with conviction based on her own spiritual journey and strives to bring hope and joy in the process.

Ruth Miller, Pastor’s Wife
Grace Covenant Fellowship Church
Birmingham, AL


“Ann is many things to many people, but it’s her songs that I’m able to know best. There are many ways to judge a piece of music, and it usually boils down to whether a song works or not for the intended listener. Ann has the rare ability to address complicated issues in simple terms when it comes to her songwriting. The world is a better place for it.

John Rees, Owner
GodsChild Records, John Rees Music (ASCAP) and J Rees Music (BMI)
Nashville, TN


“Wow!! Ann Hartmann is an inspiration and blessing to all who see and hear her! Weaving her natural talents and spiritual gifts into a beautiful tapestry of word and song, Ann’s music reflects God’s incomparable compassion, faithfulness and sovereignty. This is “heart music” at its best – real, honest and authentic! Ann writes from her heart and sings with her heart.

Holly Simmons, UMW Special Projects Coordinator
Saint Mark United Methodist Church
Birmingham, AL