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Ann is a singer/songwriter/speaker focusing her talents on spreading the good news of Jesus and God’s unconditional love.  Her passion is using music and words to inspire, encourage, and heal the weary soul.

She grew up in the rural community of Eagleville, TN just 40 miles south of the Music City, but Ann’s music career didn’t begin until she had done a lot of living!  Except for occasionally singing at church, Ann didn’t sing publicly.  Her songwriting had become “therapy” as she coped with the many challenges life brought her way.

After raising two sons and years of working at various careers, Ann finally felt God calling her to share her music with others.  With a willing heart, she reached through her doubts and fears, and took a step of faith.

As an artist, Ann has recorded three projects of her original songs, Love’s A Boomerang, Look Up and Believers Believe, and a favorite hymns project, Hymns For Him.

As a writer, her songs have been recorded by numerous artists, including Mark Lowry, The Fox Brothers, René Jones, Paula Slow, Ken Byford, Sharie Conard, Dianne Sherrill, Amazed, Sam Sampson, Linda Plowman Fikes, The Flowers Family, Carla Manchester, Connie Lee, Kelli DeAnn, Marla Ratliff, Annelissa Hart, The Waymasters , Logan Blade, and Sonshine Road.  As of 2020, eight of Ann’s songs have reached the number 1 position on the Christian-Country charts – three with her as the artist and five by other artists who have recorded her songs.

In October 2004, life threw Ann another challenge.  She was faced with the tragic death of her 24 year old son.  Jeremy crashed his car while driving under the influence of alcohol.  As with all the painful moments of her life, Ann reached for God’s love and mercy to give her the strength to go on.

Ann takes all her experiences and weaves them into songs of faith, hope, and love.  Her songs are simple stories about real life, revealing that God’s goodness is reliable through every situation – even the darkest ones. Ann’s testimony and songs will inspire you to completely trust in God no matter what your situation.

Ann sings and speaks at women’s events, churches, fairs & festivals, writer’s nights, etc.  If you are interested in booking Ann for your event, please contact Hartmann Harmonies by e-mail at or call 615-519-7664.